Here are some common questions about our terms and billing practices. Is something missing? Let us know at [email protected].

Is the free trial free? How long does it last for?

Yes, absolutely. Your free trial is 7 days, from when we first approve an Instagram account you add. This isn't the time you sign up! We try and approve accounts as quickly as possible, but it can take up to 12 hours sometimes.

What some customers do see is a $1 charge that is used by our billing provider to make sure that the card you use exists, but this is immediately refunded and will appear back on the card usually within a day (if you see it at all). More details on this here.

Will you extend my trial? / Can I have a trial longer than 7 days?

We are happy to extend customers' trial accounts when they haven't had a chance to try out the service, or have had difficulties using it.

However, Sked isn't free to operate, and so we don't offer a longer trial just because a customer thinks that they should have a 30 (or 60!) day trial rather than a 7 day trial. This would both be unfair to other customers who only had a 7 day trial, and also mean that our paying customers would be significantly funding free trials, which we don't think is fair either.

We appreciate this is different to some of the other apps you might use, but as we incur real and not-insignificant costs to even run a trial account, we made this decision so that paid customers can be confident that their costs fund delivering the service for them, not for other users 'kicking tires'.

How much does Sked cost?

Our pricing is on our website.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, we offer annual accounts at the cost of ten months (that is, "12 months for the price of 10"). Simply contact support and ask to be moved onto an annual plan.

Do you bill my card automatically?

Yes, we automatically bill the card each month, on the same day. So for example if your trial ended on the 23rd of February, your next billing date will be the 23rd of March, and then the 23rd of April and so on.

Can I pay by ways other than credit card?

If you need to pay by a method other than credit card, it must be for an annual account (otherwise the administrative cost is too high for us unfortunately).

For annual accounts, we accept credit card, Paypal (any amount) or transfer into our Australian bank accounts (only for annual accounts over US$500 total – for smaller amounts we accept credit cards and Paypal only).

Please note, we do not have a US bank account so cannot accept payment by check/ACH, only wire transfer.

To arrange to pay via these methods, please contact us at [email protected].

What happens if my account changes partway through a billing cycle?

We use pro-rated charges. This means that if you add an account halfway through the month, when it's activated we will make a charge for half that month's cost.

How do I get my invoices?

You receive each invoice via email when we raise it, and you can also access your invoices through Sked by going to the 'My account / billing' page in the menu where your name is in the top right.

Can I cancel anytime? Are there any contracts?

Sked is priced month-to-month. You pay at the start of the month for that month's service. As a result, you can cancel any time you like (here's how you do it) and we will cancel the account and stop your billing record.

You will be able to use Sked up until the time you would have been billed next (or the end of your trial if you cancel during the trial), and then the service will cancel.

How do I know that my trial is ending?

Throughout your trial, you receive a number of emails from us, with some more information about the service and some best practice tips. Your final email will come on day 5/6 of the trial (remember, it finishes on day 7!), and will remind you that the trial is finishing. At this point you're welcome to request to extend the trial (see below) or cancel the account (see above).

Can I reactivate an account after cancelling it?

Yes, you just need to email us at [email protected] to request it to be reactivated, and we will start the account again.

Do you refund customers?

Generally we only refund customers where there has been a mistake on our part – such as having a duplicate billing record. We will, however, refund you if you obviously haven't used the platform and you email us within a few days (up to 7 days as a maximum) of the invoice.

If it's been longer than 7 days, we generally won't process any refund unless there are exceptional circumstances (and "forgetting to cancel" isn't an exceptional circumstance unfortunately, however obviously a situation like a duplicate billing record or error on our end we would refund you for).

This is to be fair to our customers who pay us every month, and to make sure that we can operate a sustainable business now and in the future.

As per our Terms & Conditions, we do not refund customers because they haven't cancelled their account but intended to (or thought that they had), or haven't used the service.

You are responsible for cancelling the service yourself, and you will always receive an email confirming the cancellation. Similarly, we always send you an invoice every time we charge your card, so forgetting to cancel for several months isn't something we will process a large number of retrospective refunds for.

We don't think it's fair if other customers have to carry the charge of users who have forgotten to cancel an account or simply haven't used the system, even though we have incurred costs to ensure that they can use it any time they login.

We offer month-to-month contracts and you are welcome to continue using the service and choose to automatically cancel the account before your next billing date instead – you will see this option when you go to cancel the account.

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