Sometimes Facebook posts fail when using Sked related to the API token that we have on file for your account.

You can check the status of your posts on the 'archives' page and see any errors returned from Facebook to Sked when we publish your post.

An example error is "(#200) Subject does not have permission to post photos on this page". This error indicates some kind of permissions-related problem posting to your Facebook Page.

The best way to fix this is to try reconnecting your Facebook Page.

This will reset the API tokens and refresh them with Facebook, and usually clears up any authentication issues. Facebook resets the tokens for various reasons (such as when you change your Facebook password).

To refresh your Facebook Page, go to 'manage accounts', then go to account actions > reconnect Page. You may need to be logged in as the Sked Social administrator.

We will refresh all of your Pages when you click reconnect: you do not need to do them all one-by-one.

Please make sure that when you reach the section that you choose which Pages to use with Sked that you keep all pages you want to use with us ticked.

This is an example of that page:

Don't "uncheck" Pages you don't want to use (or that you don't think need refreshing) – this will remove our access to the Pages and your posts will not go live.

After reconnecting, you can re-post any posts that failed from your archives page using 'post again', or upload a different test post to ensure that the token we have is valid.

If reconnecting does not help you, please reach out to support and we will be happy to help.

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