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Setting up app-based 2 factor authentication for Instagram for teams sharing an Instagram account
Setting up app-based 2 factor authentication for Instagram for teams sharing an Instagram account
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Need help setting up two factor authentication? Our team can jump on a call with you here:

Want to use Sked but also have 2 factor authentication enabled on your IG account? No problem! We just need to set it up another way so that way not only can we access your account to post but that your team can also access it friction-free. No more texting each other for the 6 digit code to get into the IG account πŸ˜….

You can set up the 2 factor authentication so that we can generate a two factor key on our side, the same way you would with your team.

We support app based two factor authentication with Instagram. This is the most secure method and recommended by Instagram. We are unable to support SMS based two factor authentication. We recommend using the free Google Authenticator app if you don't already have an authentication app installed.

If you've already set up two factor authentication this way and have stored your "Instagram Key" somewhere, you can update that within your Sked account. The key is in the format of 8 groups of 4 characters (letters AND numbers), like "2X4G B9X1 C1ME F5D0 Q9R4 F3V2 M2ZQ H4P6". We cannot use the "backup codes" those are for you to keep and store in a safe place.

Here is a video tutorial for getting set up:

The process is:

  1. If two factor authentication is currently enabled, disable it from within your IG app on your device by unchecking any boxes/or un-toggling the text option that are checked already.

  2. Then re-enable two factor authentication with the IG app, but make sure to click "Set up manually" or "set up another way" when you enable it (so that you can copy the 32 character key) *VERY IMPORTANT*

  3. Copy the Instagram key displayed (It will look like this, a mix of letters and numbers-2X4G B9X1 C1ME F5D0 Q9R4 F3V2 M2ZQ H4P6. Take a screenshot of the page for your records. You will need to give this key to anyone on your team who needs access to the IG account. Then click 'next' – Instagram will ask you to enter a 6 digit code. Leave your IG app.

  4. Please open the authenticator app of your choice on your device. Go to add a new account. Then follow the prompts from your authenticator app. You will be pasting the 32 character key that IG gave you. We recommend naming this new account slot in your authenticator app the same as the IG account name for less confusion later.

  5. Copy the 6 digit authentication code displayed on your authenticator app.

  6. Go back to your IG app on your device, and paste the 6 digit code you just copied.

  7. Instagram will then show you account recovery keys or backup codes – we recommend keeping a copy of these somewhere in case you lose or reset your phone (there is a prompt to save a screenshot in the Instagram app). These are one-time overrides for two factor login. These number-only recovery keys are different to the Instagram key, and you need to enter the key from step 3 into Sked, not these recovery keys.

Finally, paste the 32 character Instagram key into the 'two factor key' section of your account settings (under Social Accounts > Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Key), and click save key. We will store the key securely. You will not see it displayed in settings after saving, but it will show you that one is on file: It will appear as dots.

After the key is saved, then you need to run a login check by going to "reconnect account" in blue in the top of the page.

Turning off Login requests:

Login requests should be turned off on Instagram. Head over to Settings > Security > Two Factor Authentication within the Instagram app and click the Additional methods option:

Then make sure the Login requests option is turned off (blue means enabled) and this will allow our system to log into the Instagram account to post on your behalf while having two factor authentication enabled without any issues:

Need assistance? No worries! Set up 2FA with a Sked team member here:

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