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Some account seem to be unable to connect after following the normal process listed in our article about two factor authentication.

For these accounts, you can set up Sked so that we can generate a two factor key on our side, the same way you would with your team.

You need to use app based two factor authentication with Instagram. Unfortunately we are unable to support SMS based two factor authentication if the process documented in the other article does not work.

You will share the 'Instagram key' with our team so that we can save it for use when logging into the account.

Information on setting this up is here: – we recommend using the free Google Authenticator app if you don't already have a two factor authentication app.

If you have stored your "Instagram Key" somewhere, you can share that with the team without going through this process. The keys are in the format of 8 groups of 4 characters (letters or numbers), like "AAAA BBBB CCCC DDDD EEEE FFFF GGGG HHHH".

Here is a video tutorial for getting set up:

The process is:

  1. If two factor authentication is currently enabled, disable it.

  2. Enable two factor authentication with the app, but make sure to click "Set up manually" when you enable it (so that you can copy the key)

  3. Copy the Instagram key displayed (format per above – AAAA BBBB CCCC DDDD EEEE FFFF GGGG HHHH - it will be a mix of letters and numbers) and take a screen shot of the page for your records. Then click 'next' – Instagram will ask you to enter a 6 digit code

  4. Enter the key into your Google Authenticator app ('enter manually' and then paste in the Instagram Key)

  5. Copy the 6 digit authentication code displayed on Instagram

  6. Go back to Instagram, and enter the 6 digit code you just copied

  7. Instagram will show you account recovery keys – we recommend keeping a copy of these somewhere in case you lose or reset your phone (there is a prompt to save a screen shot in the Instagram app). These are one-time overrides for two factor login. These number-only recovery keys are different to the Instagram key, and you need to enter the key from step 3 into Sked, not these recovery keys.

Paste the Instagram key into the 'two factor key' section of your account settings (under Social Accounts > Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Key), and click save key. We will store the key securely. You will not see it displayed in settings after saving, but it will show you that one is on file:

After the key is saved, then you need to run a login check by going to account actions > reconnect & check login. If you need any help, reach out to the team and we'll assist.

If you share your Instagram login among multiple team members, you can share this Instagram Key with them and they can also set up two factor authentication on the Google Authenticator app.

This way you don't have to have someone always sending SMS based keys between your team members.

Need assistance? Set up 2FA with a Sked team member here:

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