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De-authorising and re-authorising your Facebook Pages
De-authorising and re-authorising your Facebook Pages
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Sometimes when we have the incorrect permissions for Facebook posting, we need you to de-authorise and re-authorise our application.

This is because it will "reset" the permissions, so we know that we have the maximum ones available to your Facebook account (and can investigate further if that hasn't fixed the issue).

The process won't have any impact on your already scheduled or already posted Facebook posts. 

1. Go to your Facebook business integrations settings on Facebook.

Start by heading here. It should look similar to this:

3. Locate 'Sked Social' and then click the remove button

You will then get a screen like this:

4. Confirm the removal

The message above is to indicate that for some applications, removing the Facebook integration will remove your account with them (in this case it'd be your Sked account). We don't operate that way – you can't cancel by removing our Facebook integration – so it is safe to ignore this.

5. Go to Sked Social's manage accounts page and click "Reconnect Page"

Now go back to your Sked Social dashboard's "Social accounts" page and click reconnect under account actions. You only need to reconnect one Facebook Page – we automatically update all of the ones on your account.

That's it! You can retry any failed posts by going to your archives and clicking 'post again'. Contact support here if you could still use a little help!

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