Sked has a ‘common caption’ feature, where you can enter one caption and have it post the same caption across multiple platforms (for example, Facebook and Instagram). The base caption will appear when you’re scheduling to more than one platform:

To post the same caption (or have parts of the same caption) across multiple channels, enter your text into the common caption box. You’ll see it appears below in the Instagram caption box:

If you want to add something to the end of a common caption just for one platform, you can do that too! Just put the cursor in the end and add the text – for example your @mentions for Instagram. The added text will show up as not italic, and it will only be posted to the active channel. Here’s an example:

When I change the platform toggle over to Facebook, just the common caption is displayed – not the custom part I added:

To use a totally different caption on each platform, click the blue link icon to “unlink” the common caption, then enter the caption into the Instagram ‘tab’, but don’t forget to click the Facebook platform toggle to enter a caption for Facebook! Here’s what an unlinked caption looks like:

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