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How does 'common caption' work?
How does 'common caption' work?
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Sked has a ‘common caption’ feature, where you can enter one caption and have it post the same caption across multiple platforms (for example, Facebook and Instagram). This will let you include platform specific items in the captions, like unique calls to action, hashtags and web links, and avoiding crossposting unsupported items like Link in Bio call outs on non-IG posts.

Using Common Captions

To post the same caption (or have parts of the same caption) across multiple channels, enter your text into the linked caption box. This caption will go out to all platforms you've added to the post.

To use a different caption on each platform, click the specific platform and toggle the "unlink" option then enter your desired platform specific text.

Here’s what an unlinked caption looks like:

This would post the caption "Instagram only" to your instagram account, and "Here's the caption!" to all other social accounts selected.

Note: This will create a unique draft/post for each platform that has been unlinked, and these are scheduled independently on the calendar.

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