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Adding Users - they're free!
Adding Users - they're free!
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As part of our commitment to internet security broadly (password sharing is a bad practice!), customers on the Essentials plan and above have unlimited additional users for no additional cost – we call these 'collaborator' accounts.

Collaborator accounts are great for team members, clients or suppliers. You can see who has posted particular items in your archives or drafts.

To add someone to your account, click 'Add users' on the top right corner, then click "Add users"

You can choose which account(s) they can see – when they can see an account, they can see and edit all posts and drafts, and perform actions like updating the accounts password (Note: we will never show or disclose your password to anyone though – they can only update it πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š).

Beyond this, there are lots of permissions you can control. To name a few:

  • Should they have access to all library collections?

  • Should they be able to add social accounts?

  • Should they be able to edit other users permissions?

  • What approvals statuses should they have access to?

And more!
*Make sure you click "Set Access" at the bottom to save*

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