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What is a potential error for an Instagram post?
What is a potential error for an Instagram post?
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A potential error is when we have tried to post something for you, but we're not quite sure that it posted πŸ€”

Because of how we work, we need to be careful not to post duplicate photos on customers' profiles - understandably, you'd be pretty angry if we did that! So when we detect some kind of problem with a post after we have clicked the upload button in the Instagram app, we don't always automatically re-queue that post to be retried on another device.

If we know it was a problem (for example Instagram says the network connection dropped out) it will be retried, but in other situations we can't be certain.

When this occurs, we send an email to people specified to receive error emails (if you haven't set anyone, this will be the Sked administrator - but you can define who should receive error emails for each of your Instagram accounts in manage accounts > email notifications with more information. If "send potential error emails" is off, then we won't send potential error emails obviously, so check that the setting is enabled as well.

You just need to check your page to see if it's posted, and if it didn't, then you can either post it manually or go to your archives and click "post again" to reschedule the post.

You can also see if something is a potential error in your archives - a warning symbol will be displayed.

Luckily we don't see very many of these potential errors, but if your account is getting a lot of them, please reach out to our support team and we can see if there is something else happening.

First comments with potential errors

When you post a post with a first comment, we have to post your post first, and then go in and add the comment.

When a potential error occurs for a post, we aren't sure if the post itself is live or not. As a result, even if the post is indeed successful (which is much of the time with potential errors), we don't attempt to add a comment, or otherwise the comment could potentially appear on the wrong post, or even another account's post.

Unfortunately because we can't just retry the full posting process (as the post may have gone live), we can't really change that, so even when a post is successful but marked as a potential error, the first comment will not be posted. Click here for more info on this.

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