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Instagram post specifications & sizes
Instagram post specifications & sizes
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According to Instagram, your images must have an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5.

Images or videos that exceed these aspect ratios will be cropped automatically by Instagram. You will see a notification in Sked if we calculate that the uploaded image exceeds these ratios.

If you see that notification, crop the image and reduce how 'tall' or 'wide' it is, or upload a different version.

Instagram always has a maximum feed width of 1,080 pixels. So your images or videos don't need to be any wider than that. When uploading to Sked, it of course doesn't hurt to have things a little bit larger, but you will find uploading 25 megapixel images very time consuming over the long run!

Portrait images or videos

The 'tallest' you should upload your post is 1080 wide x 1350 high (this is 4:5 aspect ratio).

Landscape images and videos

Landscape images or videos should be 1080 wide x 566 high (this is 1.91:1 ratio).

Instagram stories

For information on Instagram Story sizes, visit our page about Instagram story specifications.

The easy way to crop your images

In the cropper or image editor in Sked, you will be able to click a button and instantly crop to the right maximum aspect ratio (landscape or portrait) for your particular image.

Cropping videos & Instagram video format specifications

At this time we don't support cropping videos within Sked โ€“ we only do it automatically to make sure it is within Instagram's limits. You can read more about how to set up your videos for Instagram (and thus Sked!) in our knowledgebase.

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