When we first login to your account, you will need to either do it 'live' with the team or alternatively temporarily disable two factor authentication. You can turn it back on after we have successfully logged in.

The reason we don't support it when we first login is because of how we work: because we use our pool of devices to post customers' posts, we aren't able to leave you "logged in" to one of the devices at all times.We'd also require a pretty complicated process to make sure you can put the numbers in before the page times out!

The way to add an account with two factor authentication is:

  1. Temporarily disable two factor authentication
  2. Go to 'manage accounts' and then click 'check login' (button or under 'account actions').
  3. Once your Sked login is successful (you'll get an email), turn two factor authentication back on.

Alternatively, particularly if you are working in a team, it will be easier to set up app-based two factor authentication so that your team can all generate two factor tokens rather than SMS based tokens. You can read how to set this up and make it connect with Sked here.

Below is a walkthrough in where to find your two factor authentication settings.

Disabling Instagram two factor authentication

If you have two-factor authentication turned on, you'll find that your account won't login correctly and you'll see an error.

You can disable two factor authentication by going to your profile page -> clicking the options button in the top right -> click settings -> click security -> click two factor.

On that page you can disable two factor authentication, and enable either SMS or (preferred for working with Sked) app-based two factor authentication. If you use app-based authentication, follow the instructions in our article to make sure Sked connects to your account.

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