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Posting Instagram Stories: how to do it & image specifications
Posting Instagram Stories: how to do it & image specifications
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About Instagram Story posting

Instagram Story posting lets you share images and video posts to be sent to your Stories instead of your profile/feed, and they will disappear after 24 hours.

How it works

You can either upload stories from the create post tool and select a time and date to publish, or you can drag and drop any draft stories you have created onto the calendar to schedule and we'll post them at the time you have selected. Stories are also compatible with the Queue function.

When you upload your files, select the Instagram account(s) you'd like to post to, add your media and select "Switch to Instagram Story or notification post" on the selector switch to display the story specific posting options. Note: only Instagram accounts can be selected to see the toggle.

You'll see the mock up on the right change to a Story specific mockup, so you can see a preview of how your story will look 😍.

Make sure you crop the post to the correct ratio if you are uploading a post that isn't already the right size/shape. If you are editing, crop to the right size using the crop tool first, as then you won't end up losing any image quality.

In the editor, there is an option to set to the Insta Stories ratio:

Support for links, polls, music and other interactive overlays

Sked Social currently only supports link stickers to add a link to your stories. To read more about link stickers, see the article on scheduling stories with link stickers.

At present, there is no support for other stickers like Polls, Q & A, Music or other interactive elements. If you need to add one, you can select to Publish Manually, and you'll receive a push notification on the Sked app on your device at the time you have assigned and you'll be able to download the media and post with the native Instagram app.
See our help article on manual publishing on how to take advantage of stickers in stories.

Specification for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are hard-cropped (that is, you don't get a choice but let Instagram crop it) to the aspect ratio of the phone that you are posting them on.

Read more about cropping, sizing and gutters in different phone models to understand the best aspect ratio (resolution) and format for your stories to maximize quality.

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