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How to create a post
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Getting started

From the dashboard, select Create Post from the top-left side menu.

Select accounts

You will now see the post details screen. Select the account you'd like to post from in the Accounts section, then you'll fill out the details just like you would on each social platform.

Enter post details

Fill in the blanks! Captions, first comment (Instagram only), tagging like locations users and more, and links. Simply add the details under each section.

Edit your image

You can use our Image Editor to make any last edits to your content. crop it, polish it or add filters. Just hover your mouse over the image and click the pencil to open to the photo editor.

Schedule your post

Make sure to click on Save. After you've done so, you can choose a Time & Date for your post, add it to your Queue or choose to Send it to your drafts.

Click Save

Once you've added all of your details and the draft, queue, or post time click save and you're all set.

You'll see a success message pop-up, your post is now ready to go!

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