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How to upload content to multiple social media channels & bulk uploading
How to upload content to multiple social media channels & bulk uploading
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Check it out with this video tutorial and get the step by step below:

Select accounts

Much like a single post upload, you want to go onto the Upload Posts section of the Sked Social app. This time, you will select more than one account to post from. We'll choose an Instagram account, Facebook account and Twitter account to post from.

Select type of post

Next up, select the type of post you want scheduled.

Choose from a single image post, carousel post or video/gif post. We chose a Single Image Post in this instance:

Upload posts

You will now be able to upload the media that you are going to post to your different social media channels. You can upload from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram URL or Canva.

Note that there is a toggle switch should you want to post different images on each channel.

On the right hand side, you will see the Media guidelines for each social media channel. This ensures your content matches the dimensions for each different social channel. When you upload your image, a blue Continue button will appear and you can click that to process your image.

Post details

You will now be on the Post Details screen. You can choose to enter a common caption for all platforms, or enter a different caption for each post. You can add hashtags to your first comment on the Instagram post, tag people, products and locations and add a URL from this page.

Edit your image

You can choose to edit your images with our Image editor. You can add filters, stickers, text and so much more.

Crop your image

You can also use our Image editor to crop your images. Choose the most common dimensions or set your own custom dimensions. We offer pre-set sizes so that your photos always show up perfectly when they are posted.

Note that any crops or edits made will apply to all the social media channels that you’re posting the image to.

Once you are happy with the edits and sizing, click save in the top right corner.

Schedule your posts

At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to Send to Draft, Add to Queue or select the Time/Date on which you want to post. Once you finish, click the blue Submit & Create Posts button at the top right of the Post Details screen.

You should see a green success message in the top right corner after you've done so.

The posts you scheduled will now be in the Upcoming Posts section. It has scheduled them to the different social channels selected with different (or the same) captions.


And that's it! We hope this post has helped. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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