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View & Schedule Posts: Calendar, Queue, Planner
Using the calendar, queue and Instagram planner
Using the calendar, queue and Instagram planner
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In this post, we are going to show you quick how to steps for the Calendar, Queue & Instagram Planner.


You can access Calendar on the left side.

Once in Calendar, you can choose the accounts for which you want to see posts for or simply click Select all. The accounts will be color-coded in the Calendar. You can also filter your view by Month, Week or Day and view both your past and upcoming posts by selecting an option above the calendar:

In the  Calendar, you can also drag and drop your posts to change the schedule or from the Drafts on the left-hand side, easy as that!

The Sked Calendar also has all major national holidays built in, click on Filter on the right-hand side, then click Event Filters and Add holidays and choose the country/countries whose holidays you want to add:


With Queue, you can add posts to the queue when uploading rather than having to choose a date and time for every post. Click on Social Accounts on the left and get started with selecting the account you want to set up the Queue for. Once you've chosen the account, you'll be shown your existing Queue slots (if any) and can add or delete time slots. You will also be able to see any recommended best times to post for Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you ever want to manually rearrange your Instagram posts, you can do so in Feed Planner.

Instagram Planner

Planner lets you visualize and plan your Instagram grid with past and future posts in order to make sure you maintain a consistent visual feel.

You can access your Instagram planner by clicking on Planner on the left-hand side: For starters, you can choose the Instagram account you want to view grid & make changes for.

Within Planner, you can also easily Drag & Drop your scheduled post to change their spot in the grid and therefore - their posting schedule, here's a quick recap of how to do that:

Once you've done rearranging your feed, make sure to click on Submit Changes and your posts' schedule will be updated. You should see a success message acknowledging that.

So here they are - quick guides on using some the most important Sked Social features. Let us know if you have any questions!

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