What is Sked Link?
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Instagram only allows one link in your bio. But what if you want to direct followers to specific content like blog posts, an email opt in, a specific product or your new podcast? This is where a link in bio tool, like Sked Link will come in handy.

Sked Link provides you with a unique link for your profile that sends people to a landing page. You can personalize the buttons on that landing page to include multiple links of your choice.

Sked Link also has a handy feature that allows you to add your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics ID, meaning you can accurately monitor the traffic being directed from Instagram.

Want to reflect your Instagram feed? Sked Link allows you to add your Instagram feed as an option within your customized link. Meaning users can click on a photo that will direct them to the desired link.

Why use Sked Link versus other link in bio tools?

There are a couple of reasons Sked Social customers choose Sked Link:

  • It's free and included with your Sked Social subscription!

  • Sked Link is designed for speed – it's up to 3X faster than other link in bio tools. Speed is vital when someone is on their mobile, where internet speeds are usually slower.

  • You can set up any combination of a gallery of posts to let users click through posts to a destination on your website, or buttons (both shown above!).

  • You can use our out-of-the-box themes and even custom CSS to make it match your branding perfectly.

  • It's integrated with Sked Social - you can set all of your destination URLs when scheduling posts and they'll automatically be attached.

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