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Using advanced CSS with Sked Link
Using advanced CSS with Sked Link
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For our advanced users who would like to customise the look of their Sked Link beyond the large number of options provided on the Design page, we offer the ability to enter custom CSS.

The following CSS classes are available for modification.

.container - Assigned to the element that contains all items within the Sked Link. Here you can modify things like margins.
.profile-header - Assigned to the profile header element (div)
.profile-username - Assigned to the profile username (h3)
.profile-image - Assigned to the profile picture (img)
.introduction - Assigned to the introduction text (div)
.buttons - Assigned to the parent element of all the buttons (div)
.button - Assigned to each button (div)
.gallery-title - Assigned to the gallery titles (h3)
.link-icon - Assigned to the icon that appears over images

You can enter in the CSS field any valid CSS.

For example, if you'd like to change the font size of the gallery title and remove the link icon you'd enter:

.gallery-title { font-size: 20px;}.link-icon { display: none;}

Please note that this is for advanced users and if something goes wrong just delete the CSS.

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