How links work in Sked

Links are a vital way to get followers the right information. Here's how we handle them.

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In Sked, you will find the "Website or product URL" box displayed when you are uploading or editing posts:

What happens with the URL you enter depends on the social network you are scheduling content to. If you're scheduling to multiple social networks at once, we'll treat each link as appropriate for each social network.

For Instagram posts

Feed posts

On Instagram, users can't click the links included in a caption. As a result, we will not add the URL you enter to the end of the caption (like we do for other social networks).

The link for an Instagram feed post will instead be used in your Sked Link gallery. You can see more about Sked Link and how to set it up here.

Story posts

You can add story stickers right to your posts with Sked.

For Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts

We treat the link differently depending on the type of post that you are making to these social networks.

If you are making a 'text post' with no images/videos attached, we will add it as a 'rich link' alongside the post:

If your post has images or videos included, we will append the URL to the end of the caption that you have entered. This means you should not include the URL in the caption as well as the URL box, or you'll see two links at the end of your caption.

Here's an example:

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