On 22 June 2020, we launched a new look for posts that you will see on the upcoming posts, drafts and archives pages.

We made these changes as part of our ongoing design improvements and other work to make the dashboard more consistent and easier to use.

It is a little different in some ways – so for existing users you might need to take a moment to familiarise yourself with the changes.

The new design aims to be more modern, and give you a better overview of the information you need without being complex.

Here's what it looks like:

Moving to drafts or queue or deleting a post now is in the top left of each post

If you want to move a post to drafts or into the queue from upcoming posts, this was previously on the right.

Now, all of the "actions" to change posts to:

  • Schedule for a particular time/date (opens the editor)

  • Move to drafts

  • Move to queue

  • Delete the post from Sked [we don't ever delete from your social network profiles!]

You can see an example here:

We had feedback from the old design that it was tricky to quickly see which links were included with your posts.

This is particularly important for "link posts" that don't have an image or video attached (for non-Instagram social networks). More on link posts here.

Post status is now in the top right

For users of Sked's collaboration post status feature, you will find that the post status is now displayed in the top right of the post, like in the screenshot above ('Ready to review' is a post status).

Removed views

We no longer offer the "table view" layout, which was used by only a small number of customers.

Use "expand all" at the top of the page to show the full caption/comment for all displayed posts, which was the only reason users told us that they used table view.

Otherwise, no other functionality has disappeared - if you are looking for something please reach out to support and we'll point you to where it is.

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