With Sked’s new feature, implementing your IGTV or Reels strategy on Instagram just got a whole lot easier. You can now upload and schedule your Reels and IGTV posts right alongside your other social media content.

Record your IGTV ahead of time, upload to Sked and you’ll get a notification when it’s time to post. It's similar to our manually posted story feature.

Not sure what to post?

Now that scheduling isn't a worry, the hardest part about IGTV and Reels for brands is what you should actually post.

We have some comprehensive guides with content ideas and tips published:

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Get the Sked Social mobile app

The first thing you need to do if you haven't already is download the Sked Social iOS or Android phone application.

When you install the app, it will ask you to accept push notifications - we use this to remind you when it is time to post a Reel or IGTV.

If you haven't got the app installed (or notifications are disabled), we will send you an email with the post information and include a link to the app.

Set up your notifications

We're all about collaboration at Sked. If you have multiple Sked users on your account, make sure you set up who should receive notifications for which account(s). If you only have one user, you don't need to worry – we will send it to you!

To set up your notifications, go to the 'accounts' page in the Sked dashboard. Then for each of your Instagram accounts, go to account actions –> account settings.

Scroll down to the "Story, Reel or IGTV notifications" section and check the boxes next to the users who should get notified.

If a user has multiple devices logged into the Sked app (e.g. an iPhone and an iPad), we will notify all devices at once.

When it’s time to post, the users specified in your account settings will get a push notification from the Sked app on their phone telling them that it’s time to post.

Click the notification and the app will open to your post. Click the post icon in the top right corner.

This will save your IGTV or Reel file(s) to your camera roll. Then click Open Instagram and add your IGTV Post.

How to post a Reel or IGTV from Sked

When creating or editing a post for Instagram, choose to post it as a story, Reel or IGTV post using the toggle. Note: only Instagram accounts can be selected to see the story/reel/IGTV options.

Next, select IGTV or Reel from the Story Type dropdown.

When you select IGTV or Reel, the check the box labelled ‘Publish story manually’ will automatically be selected.

You can add information that will be displayed in the Sked Social mobile app under ‘Notes for manual publishing’. This might be useful as a place to include reminders about the accounts or location you want to tag, or the stickers and/or caption you’d like to use.

Then, select the time and date you want to post your IGTV or Reel.

Now you will see the post included in your upcoming posts – for example, you can see the planned Reels and IGTV posts in your planner.

You will see them marked differently to your feed posts and stories in the feed as well as on your upcoming post timeline:

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