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How to add your Pinterest account to Sked
How to add your Pinterest account to Sked

Connect your Pinterest account to schedule and auto-post your content.

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Connecting your Pinterest Account

Before you get to auto-posting your Pinterest content, let's get your account connected. Log in to your Sked account and click add accounts ont he top right corner, then click add new accounts:

Select Pinterest from the popup.

Pinterest will then ask you to authorize Sked to see your pins and boards. If you've recently logged into your Pinterest, Sked will automatically try to link that account. If you're trying to add a different account, click Log Out and follow the prompts to login to the desired Pinterest account.

Click Give Access and you'll now see your Pinterest on your accounts page. Ta-da!

For brand new Pinterest accounts or new Pinterest Boards, the Pinterest API has a strange bug/behaviour where they will not list your Boards to us until there is at least one Pin on that particular Board.

So when you create a new Board on Pinterest keep in mind you might need to add a Pin before the Board will show in Sked Social.

Scheduling your Pins

To get to scheduling and auto-posting your Pins, log in to your Sked account and click the red Create Post in the top left corner of your dashboard.

Select your Pinterest account from the dropdown and add your media. The media will be the cover image/video of your Pin.

Select the board you want to add the Pin to from the dropdown menu. Note that you can only add to already existing boards that you have on Pinterest and cannot create new boards through Sked.

Pinterest now also has sections within the board itself. If the board you selected has sections, you can select them from the dropdown.

Next, add the Title of your pin, the description and the destination URL.

Add alt text if you want, change the approval status if needed then send the post to drafts, the queue or schedule for a specific date and time and click Save.

You'll see your content scheduled in Calendar and Upcoming Posts.

Happy Scheduling!

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