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Power your marketing with Sked Insights analytics and reporting dashboard. From post engagement to follower growth, likes and performance of Stories and Reels, review scores, and more; gain deeper insights into your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business feeds.

Why bother with insights anyway?

The great part about social media marketing is that it's measurable in a way that billboards aren't (or at least, billboards are harder!). Every social media manager will always tell you that they want more and more data to drive their decisions.

But then at the same time, it's easy to be overwhelmed with data galore – without a clear answer to the question of "so what does this actually mean"?

This is doubly so when it comes to less sophisticated marketers or clients. We've all had that debate about how followers are *a* way to measure success but not the *only* way to measure success. A café with 500,000 followers who all live on the other side of the world doesn't actually … sell more coffee. And that's the point right?!

Ultimately you really need to think about not just what metrics you can get, but making sure that you are tracking the metrics that matter to your business.

Sked's insights tries to draw a balance between giving you the raw data if you want (you can export the numbers alone in Excel if you like), and giving you the summary data you need to work out what to do as a result of your insights. A simple example is our best time to post feature, which is driven by insights around when your followers are online.

Let's take a look at Instagram Insights here.

Accessing insights from your desktop

Sked makes it easier to review performance across all of your social channels in one place. To access Insights, head to your Sked dashboard and click 'insights' in the main navigation.

What Sked Insights tells you

There are various categories on your Insights dashboard depending on what platform you are analyzing. Here's a quick overview:

Overview: How are things tracking?

The Overview tab gives you a high-level summary of important analytics. You can select the data you want to see over the past 7 days, 1 month, or 90 days, or select your own date range from the calendar. To elevate your reports, utilize the comparison period option to selectively pick custom historical time frames for metric comparison. This allows you to contrast the current period not only with the last one but also with the previous quarter or year, leading to more meaningful metrics and richer insights.

Questions that this section answers includes:

  • What's the average organic engagement rate for my posts?

  • Are my followers, engagement rate and reach trending up or down?

When you scroll down the page, you’ll see the Posts that were posted during the time frame you selected.

You can easily sort these in a number of ways, including by time, interaction, plays, etc. by selecting from the drop down on the right.

Click on an individual post card to view more details. This will show you the types of engagements, reach and impressions.

Underneath the individual posts you’ll see average engagement, impressions, likes and comments and how they compare to the previous period.

Questions you should look at in this section include:

  • Which posts performed best in terms of engagement or impressions?

  • For posts that are outliers performing well or poorly, what is different about them? Look at the creative (image and caption) in particular here to see what might be resonating most!

  • How does engagement impact the algorithm's reach for my posts? – to look at this, review the engagement metrics in the first 24 hours, as the early interactions from followers is one of the main factors in the Instagram and Facebook algorithms

Content: What content resonates with your audience

This is a further breakdown of your individual posts, engagements over time, engagement types, and impressions. The aim of this section is to help you work out the kinds of content that resonate best with your audience.

First up is Posts. Similar to the posts on the overview page, here you’ll see all of your Instagram or Facebook posts within the date range with their analytics. Clicking on the individual cards brings up the more in depth insights

Keep scrolling and you'll see Engagements. When you scroll to this section, you’ll see engagement, engagement rate and a chart of engagement over time and engagement types. Engagement types shows you likes, comments and saves by single days.

Hashtag performance.

See which hashtags are working best for you and your growth. This analyses your posts based on the hashtags that you have used in the captions, and shows you a summary of the metrics that you've seen for each hashtag that you've used.

Audience Summary

This page includes important metrics to track your overall growth, reach, demographics, and follower behaviors including best times to post.

Of course, the best time to post can change depending on type of content, relevant events and when you are able to be online and engage with your followers.

You'll notice that the best time to post will be automatically loaded and recommended for you when you set up your Sked queue – this is a great way to easily adjust your post timing as and when the best time to post for your audience changes without having to go in and edit every post manually.

Questions to look at here:

  • If follower change goes up or down – what was the cause? Was it a particularly well-performing post, or an ad campaign?

  • How many website clicks did I get from Instagram? [To turbocharge your link in bio, try using Sked Link]

  • Are followers visiting my profile after seeing content in my feed? What might have brought them there?

  • Are these metrics trending up or down over time?

Stories & Reels

Detailed metrics on your story and reel posts. We'll cover everything from plays, to reach and engagements across these post types.

And here's the best part - from the day you connect to Sked we'll be storing your story performance, say goodbye to the 24 hour expiration!

Competitor tracking and analysis

On our essentials plan and above, you can also add competitors to track their performance and compare to your account. This feature is currently Instagram only but we hope to roll it out to Facebook soon.

In the competitor section, you can look at:

  • Summary metrics like the change in the number of followers

  • How many posts and what type of posts your competitors are posting

  • When they post their content in the week

  • Average engagement rates, likes and comments on different posts

  • The top 5 posts across all competitors by engagement, likes or comments

You can see an example of the data we share here:

Competitor analytics for Instagram

Exporting and sharing your insights

Weekly & monthly insights summary emails

When you have an account connected to Sked, we also send you a weekly and/or monthly summary to your email.

Weekly email insights summary for Instagram

The email contains a summary of:

  • Followers, impressions, reach and posts made, including the % change from the week before

  • Total likes and comments and the average engagement rate for posts from that week, including the % change from the week before

  • Top 3 performing feed posts that you made the week before

  • A summary of your story performance: number posted, impressions, reach and completion rate including the % change from the week before

Customers often use this email to forward on to clients or internal stakeholders, so feel free!

Export to PDF

We've made it easier than ever to share PDFs. Download a presentation ready slide formatted report for your brand. Learn more here!

Export to Excel

Prefer to get the raw data? We're happy to provide! Choose a time period then click 'Email me Excel' to receive an Excel file report.

The Excel file gives you the day-by-day summary as well as common comparison metrics like average engagement rates – if you like though, you can of course calculate your own!

Share as web link

The final way to share your insights is via our 'web link' feature. This generates a time-restricted secret URL that you can share with your clients or colleagues so that they can browse all of the data you can see in your insights dashboard without them needing their own Sked login.

The interface for the person you're sharing with is the same as what you see in Sked, but they won't have access to anything else in your dashboard.

When you create a link, the user will only be able to see the data for the date range you have selected. It's great for sharing summaries at the end of a campaign or month.

Our insights web links work great alongside our other features for working with other external stakeholders like our branded post review portals.

And there you have it! All the insights you need wrapped into an organized, clear dashboard to help you nail your social media strategy!

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