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Logging into the Business Manager with your personal Facebook credentials explained.
Logging into the Business Manager with your personal Facebook credentials explained.
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When you connect your Instagram and Facebook pages to Sked Social, you’ll need to login to your Facebook Business Manager to allow access. This may be confusing for some users, as the prompt can appear like we are asking for your personal details, and access to your personal account which is not the case.

Why do I need to login to Facebook using my personal account?

When you log in through the Facebook login pop up, you are logging into Facebook Business Manager using your credentials, and authorising Sked to connect to the required pages that are owned by your Business Manager.

Sked doesn’t request or have access to your personal account information, nor do we store the username or password used to login to your Business Manager.

Why does my Instagram page need to login to Facebook?

I just want to login to Instagram, not Facebook.

To provide us access to your Instagram profile and data, Sked will need to be authorised to connect through your Facebook Business Manager, which has ownership of the connected Instagram accounts, and manages authorisation requests, user roles, and permissions.

My Instagram isn’t associated with a Facebook account, how do I connect?

You’ll need to create a business manager, and connect your Instagram page to the newly created business manager, and then allow Sked to connect using the standard “add social account” workflow from your Sked dash.

As part of this process, if you don't have a Facebook Page, you will need to create a one for the business. You don't have to use this page or promote it.

Authorisation is then provided for Sked to connect to your new Business Manager, and enables us to access information used for Insights, Locations and Product tagging for Instagram.

It’s a straightforward process, and can be completed in under 20 minutes for new setups.

What’s a Facebook business manager? I just login through the Instagram app on my device!

Correct! You can login to the Instagram app using a username and password, but you can’t authorise other applications to connect with Instagram in this manner.

Business Manager is the tool provided by Facebook to handle Facebook Pages, pixels, advertising accounts and Instagram accounts. Facebook refers to these as Assets.

To allow Sked to connect to your Instagram account, authorisation is given inside the Facebook Business Manager.

You can continue to login to your Instagram account on devices as you normally would, with a Username, Password, and optional 2 Factor.

Do you store my Facebook password? Can you access any of the personal information on my page?

No. We do not store your Facebook Password, and we cannot access information on your personal facebook page or account.

When allowing access inside Sked, the pop up window domain is and we do not capture or store information entered into this screen.

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