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User account permissions

Allowing users to add more social accounts, add new users, modify other user permissions and restricting access to one library collection.

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An important note before we start - An invited user/collaborator must have accepted their invite before you can modify their permissions
The users permissions page:

Managing other users:

  • They can modify permissions for all users on your account, including social account visibility and user management

  • They cannot remove an Administrator for security reasons

Inbox access:

  • They can manage messages, mentions, tags, comments, and reviews in the Sked inbox for their granted accounts

  • Currently, it's not possible to grant permission exclusively for the Inbox; however, this may change in future updates

Adding accounts:

  • Any user can reconnect accounts they can access

  • Access to a profile with Business Manager admin privileges is necessary for Facebook and Instagram

  • For other platforms, sign-in with the respective platform credentials is required

  • Only administrators can remove accounts for security reasons

View only one Library collection:

  • Beneficial for client collaboration without revealing your entire library

  • Use the checkbox and dropdown to specify their collection access

Viewing external review links/post status restrictions:

  • This restricts viewing, editing, or deleting external review links

  • Ideal when clients are invited to Sked for post management

  • Post Status Restrictions: Allows you to limit post statuses for each user. A good example would be team members who shouldn't have approval privileges, this can be hidden so no mistakes are made and unapproved content goes live.

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