User Account Permissions
Allowing users to add more social accounts, add new users, modify other user permissions and restricting access to one library collection.
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If you have added additional users (we often refer to them as collaborators), you now have more granular controls over access to library collections, and can now grant users the ability to invite other users too.

You will no longer need to be the administrator to add users, and can turn the feature on for specific users only.

An important note before we start - An invited user/collaborator must have accepted their invite before you can modify their permissions

The users permissions page:

Managing other Users:

Enable this if a user should be able to manage other users.

When enabled, this user will be able to modify permissions for all users (including themselves) on your account, including which social account(s) they can see in the dashboard, along with adding, removing or editing other users to your account.

For Security reasons, users with this permission cannot remove an Administrator.

If you need to make changes to the accounts administrator, reach out to support on live chat for assistance.

Adding accounts

Enable if this user should be able to add accounts.

Any user can reconnect an account that they can access, should this be necessary. For Facebook and Instagram accounts, they will need access to the profile with administrator privileges for the corresponding Business Manager to grant access.

For other platforms, they will need to sign in with the appropriate credentials to the platform.

For security reasons, only administrators can remove accounts.

View only one library collection

Enable to restrict the user/collaborator to view or edit only one collection within your library.

This is useful for inviting clients to Sked, and allowing them to work and collaborate with you on the platform, but keeping the balance of your library content under wraps.

Mark the checkbox to restrict full access & select from the dropdown the collection they will have access to.

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