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How to mention a Facebook page in your caption

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You can tag pages inside your caption that will be clickable in your Facebook posts.

To tag a page, simply start with @, then type the name of the page you wish to mention in the caption of your posts. For best results, we recommend entering in the full name as it appears on Facebook; Entering a partial name is can return the incorrect page.

You’ll see a preview of the page’s display picture on the suggestion tool tip to assist you in selecting the correct page.

Once you’ve selected the page you wish to tag, you will see the short code that Sked uses in the post in the caption field. For example, when we mention Sked Social and select our page, it will show @[1150843535066587](Sked Social).

This will publish as the Page Name as indicated in the preview box on the right.

Posting to multiple platforms at once

When posting to multiple social platforms, use the customise post toggle to create a unique caption, and add the page mention inside the Facebook caption box.

Notes regarding Page Mentions

  • Only Pages can be mentioned. Facebook doesn’t return a short code for personal accounts.

  • The page short code is present as text inside the caption during preview, but will not publish on the live post.

  • Removing any part of the short code will cause the mention to fail, as indicated in the preview window by a loss of blue link text.

  • Page mentions are presently only available when using the create single post tool

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