Comparing Sked Insights and Instagram app insights

Why don’t the Insights in Sked match what I see in the Instagram App?

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We pull the insights data directly from Instagram using their official API, so the number you see in Sked should match what you see in the app.

The most common confusion is around total and unique metrics for reach and engagement, comparing two metrics that have similar names but are calculated in different ways, and the inclusion of paid impressions and reels in some totals.

Here’s a quick explainer on two common questions we receive and the answers.

Why does Sked report a reach number higher than Instagram?

In the app, Instagram shows a metric called Accounts Reached in the top of the insights section, while Sked shows total reach as one of the first viewed metrics in Sked Insights. It’s important to note that these are not the same metrics.

Accounts reached: the total number of unique accounts that viewed one or more posts.

Total reach: Reach of all posts, no matter where it was shown. This includes impressions from paid and boosted posts, Reels, IGTV and API .

Think of it as the number of accounts that saw your posts (Accounts reached) vs the number of times your posts were seen (Total Reach). A single account may view your posts multiple times, and generate multiple impression toward Total Reach, but is only counted once towards Accounts Reached.

Why does the Instagram app report a higher/lower engagement total than Sked?

Instagram shows you a metric called Accounts Engaged in the top of the insights section, while Sked shows the metric Engagement.

Accounts engaged includes engagement across ALL post types, including reels and IGTV, Stories, API, Paid etc. Each account engaged is only counted once toward the total, no matter how many times they engage with your content in the period. A Like, Comment and Save from an account would contribute 1 to the total

Engagement is the sum of the engagements (likes, comments, and saves) on grid posts for the selected period in Sked insights. One account can have multiple points of engagement that are counted towards the total; a Like, Comment and Save from an account would be 3 engagements towards the total.

Collaborator Posts
Instagram doesn't provide the metrics of collaborator posts your are tagged in via API unless you are the owner of the post, but these posts will be shown inside the Instagram app and included in your totals of your engagement metrics.

Tip: Make sure you are comparing identical metrics, some are named similar things but are calculated in different ways, and ensure you pull your metrics from the same source every time and don’t accidentally mix data.

For more information on specific metrics, check out detailed metrics, which explains how insights in Sked are calculated.

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