This is a beta feature and so while we're working to fully support it, there may be some cases that things might not work. As a new feature, our team is closely monitoring things so that we can iterate and improve.

Since Instagram replaced "swipe up links" in stories with the link sticker, we've heard from you about the importance of link stickers in your strategy.

The good news is Sked now supports link stickers added to auto-posted stories.

If you don't currently have access to link stickers when scheduling stories in Sked, message our team in live chat and we will enable the functionality for you.

To schedule a story and include a link sticker, simply include the URL in the relevant box when you are planning your story:

When your story is published, it will include the link sticker at about 75-80% of the way down the screen in the center.

We find that this is the place most brands include a link sticker as it's easy for users to tap.

You'll see the sticker previewed next to your post.

Known limitations

When posting a story chain, the link sticker will apply the link to all assets in the chain. If you need to add a sticker to one asset only, split up the story chain into more than one story post.

Currently you can't customise:

  • The sticker location – it will always be centred, around 75-80% of the way down

  • The sticker size – we leave it the default that the app sets it to

  • The sticker label – it will just be the domain of the link (Instagram's default)

Of course, we're looking forward to future improvements to add this functionality. If there's one of the three that is particularly important to you, please let us know and we'll prioritise according to our customers' feedback.

Please note that link stickers isn't available in "Bulk create posts" at present.

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