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Track your Reels analytics, right from Sked Insights.

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Reels analytics are live inside Sked Insights! You can track the metrics on your latest short form video content inside your overview, content, and in your competitors tab, and we'll also load data from previous reels.

We'll be adding an additional Reels specific page, and including them on the weekly insights emails in the near future.

Definition of Metrics:

  • Likes: Number of likes on the reel.

  • Plays: Number of times the reels starts to play after an impression is already counted. This is defined as video sessions with 1 ms or more of playback and excludes replays. (coming soon!)

  • Reach: Number of unique accounts that have seen the reel at least once. Reach is different from impressions, which can include multiple views of a reel by the same account.

  • Saved: Number of saves of the reel.

  • Shares: Number of shares of the reel (coming soon!)

  • Interactions: Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on the reel, minus the number of unlikes, unsaves, and deleted comments.

Meta has advised that some of the metrics are in development, which means they may make changes to how measurements are taken:
“An in development metric is a measurement that we're still testing. We're still working out the best way to measure something, and we may make adjustments until we get it right.”.

Let us know if there's something you'd love to see in Reels Insights.

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