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PDF export makes way for live calendar previews
PDF export makes way for live calendar previews

We're taking out the manual and putting in seamlessness at the heart of our tools

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What's happening?

We're retiring post exports to make way for live calendar previews that you can easily share with your stakeholders, whether they're a client, colleague or manager.

Why are you doing this?

We know that many of our users are making use of the PDF export button to download upcoming posts for stakeholder review and approval. While it's a handy tool to quickly get posts onto a document, it doesn't solve some fundamental problems that our users face:

  • Reviewers can't make notes on a PDF document unless they have a PDF editor

  • Reviewers can't play reels, videos and Instagram stories from a PDF document

  • Users find it challenging to manage version controls

We're serious about putting seamless user experience at the forefront of the tools that we bring you. So we're folding the manual tasks you've been trying to achieve with PDF export into a friction-free real-time experience within our Collaboration/External Review feature.

What does that mean for me?

With Collaboration/External Review, we aim to make it easy for you, your team and your reviewers to get everything done online - post creation, reviews, approvals, and publishing.

At the heart of Collaboration is a workflow engine that you can customize according to your process. Each step of your process is recorded, along with internal notes that you and your team have made. When your posts are ready for review, simply send your reviewer a link unique to their account(s). They'll be able to see online and in real-time what's upcoming, and take action to approve or request changes.

That means you no longer have to email PDF documents back-and-forth after each revision, and your reviewer can easily access the changes you've made (plus any new content you've created) with their unique link.

What it boils down to is time saved with automation, minimal errors through a better communication channel, and a seamless always-on experience for your reviewers.

When is this change happening?

We'll be turning off PDF export at the end of December 2022 so get onto Collaboration/External Review today. It comes FREE on our Professionals and Enterprise plans, and as an add-on to our Essentials plan.

Not sure where to start? Chat with us and we'll have you sorted in no time.

More about External Review here.

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