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Captivate - AI generated caption ideas for your posts
Captivate - AI generated caption ideas for your posts
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Are you looking for ways to create engaging content for your social media posts? Look no further! Our new feature uses AI to help you come up with creative and clever ideas for all your social media needs.

This feature helps you generate unique and tailored content for each of your posts. Not only will this feature save you time in coming up with ideas, but it will also hopefully help to increase the reach and engagement of your content.

No longer will you have to spend hours searching for content ideas. With this new feature, you can easily come up with engaging content that is tailored to your audience and industry. Give it a try today and see how it can help you create engaging content for your social media posts!

Please be mindful that while this tool is designed to assist in the creative process, the generated ideas should be used with caution and the results aren't that magic...

Always use your best judgement, common sense, and of course a healthy amount of your own creative magic to bring the post to life!

How it works under the hood, and copyright/moral rights questions

You might have seen or used the popular tool "ChatGPT", which is built by OpenAI.

The way that Captivate works is using OpenAI's developer integrations that help companies like us build on the same AI model that powers ChatGPT.

OpenAI states that they do not claim any copyright over content generated using their API, and have a sharing and publication policy that some users may find relevant.

There's also the question of the "moral rights" and whether using AI-generated content infringes on works of other artists or creators whose content the AI model is trained on.

This is the subject of very hot debate (particularly in image generation), and we want to highlight this issue to you so you can make your own decision. While we understand some may be concerned about this question, we believe that for the purposes of creating caption ideas, we don't think there's likely to be infringement on the whole.

Limitations and restrictions

As highlighted above, we use OpenAI under the hood and so their Terms of Use and their usage and content policy apply to your use of Captivate. For example, you shouldn't use Captivate to generate content that intends to harass an individual – not that we expect any customers to!

Additionally, as OpenAI is a system that we pay for each request made on your behalf, we have applied some limitations on the maximum number of caption ideas that you can generate each month based on the plan you are subscribed to with Sked.

We believe these limitations are very generous and the vast majority of users should never come close to hitting them – but if you do please get in touch and we'll review the use case. Obviously these limits are subject to review or change by us in the future.

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