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Manage LinkedIn like a pro on Sked
Manage LinkedIn like a pro on Sked

Schedule, engage and optimize right from your dashboard

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What's it about

More time-saving LinkedIn tools have landed in your Sked toolkit. Alongside publishing posts to your LinkedIn company page, we've added engagement management and analytics so you can get a full handle of your LinkedIn activities right from your dashboard.

  • Post new content, or cross-post content from your other platforms, to your LinkedIn company page

  • Monitor comments to your posts and respond to them straight from your Sked Inbox

  • See content performance, page metrics and audience demographics conveniently within your Insights dashboard

Why use it

You're already saving loads of time scheduling and cross-posting content between LinkedIn and your other social accounts. Now you also save time on engagement and reporting with LinkedIn comments and analytics consolidated on Sked.

With Sked Inbox, you can see and respond to DMs and comments in one go from your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn company pages accounts. Use quick replies to answer FAQs in one click, and copy/paste responses between LinkedIn and your other social platforms without having to open multiple browser tabs.

With Sked Insights, all the analytics you need for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are in the one place, making monthly reporting (or ad-hoc if needed) a breeze. What's more, analytics for all of your platforms are presented in a standard format so you can quickly grasp the info within. No more time wasted trying to understand the way analytics is presented in each native platform and then having to pull the data individually.

Things to take note of

When is this going live?

LinkedIn post comments and analytics is available to all customers from 1 February 2023.

Does it work for LinkedIn personal accounts?

This feature is applicable for LinkedIn company page accounts only. LinkedIn currently does not open third-party support for comments, DMs and analytics of LinkedIn personal accounts. But when they do, you can be sure we will have those included as well.

How do I turn it on?

If you have LinkedIn company pages connected on Sked, you don't have to do anything extra. Your comments and analytics will automatically flow through to your Sked Inbox and Insights at launch.

I can't find my old LinkedIn comments in Inbox

Sked pulls through all of your company page post comments into Inbox when it first connects. To avoid clutter, comments that are older than 7 days will be automatically archived into the Closed folder. This happens only once when Inbox first connects. Subsequently, comments will reside in your Open folder until you take action to close them.

Got further questions?

Click on the live chat button on the bottom right of your screen. We'll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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