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What is a labs feature? Why is it designated labs and will I have access to it forever?

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You might have noticed a few new small but mighty AI features popping up on Sked! Captivate for helping you with the inspiration process, and our new advanced competitor analysis in Sked Insights, where we explain in plain language some of the strategies of your Instagram competitors use and help you understand any unique elements being employed, as well as ideas you can implement as well. Powerful stuff!

We've designated this a Sked Labs item, and given it for free to all customers who have competitor insights available on their plan (Essentials plan and above). We have even more items arriving in the coming weeks we're very excited about, we want to be clear around our thinking behind designating some of our experimental features as Sked Labs items.

What makes it a Sked Labs feature?

In most cases, we are using the Sked Labs naming to denote when we are utilising machine learning, natural language analysis or AI tools (like OpenAI's ChatGPT), which means the results (words) it generates aren't entirely within our control and are outputs will vary depending on your inputs. We use the Captivate naming for our AI powered features in general, so you might see some items with both Captivate and Labs labels.

Is what I see in a Labs feature the final version?

Almost definitely not. From design changes, to input and output changes, expect that Labs features will evolve over time. Probably fairly quickly. We love your feedback though! Please drop us a message on things you love and hate, where it does and does't fit your workflow or just your thoughts on it; all feedback is good feedback.

Will I have access to it forever?

We intend on making our Sked Labs experiments available to all customers, as long as they have access to any dependant features. While they are in Labs, we want them in front of as many people as possible so we can better understand how our customers engage with and use the tools.

If a Labs experiment becomes a permanent feature (and we hope they do!) access may be included in certain plans or available as add ons. We may also opt to remove a tool all together.

Will all Labs items become permanent features?

Everything we build is done with the view for it to be a permanent feature in Sked, but not every single one will make the cut, or it might be re-tooled and reborn in a different way.

What's the difference between a Labs feature and a Beta feature?

If a feature has made it to Beta in Sked, it's a sure bet it's a permanent feature, but indicates still in active development. Expect incremental refinements and improvements to Beta features.

Sked Labs is our way of putting ideas into the hands of users quickly for testing and feedback, and expect to see substantial changes and improvements as it moves to a finished feature. Labs features will usually be light on documentation (Don't expect a full video walk through and feature page) until they graduate to a full fledged Sked feature.

I have an idea for a Sked Feature I'd love to see, how can I share it with you?

Drop us a message on the live chat and let's talk.

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