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Autopublishing Instagram Threads
Autopublishing Instagram Threads

Does Sked support auto publishing of Instagram Threads?

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Threads by Instagram is the hot new property on the social landscape, tapping into the huge audiences built into Meta and competing in market for text+media updates and community building traditionally owned by Twitter.

We've had more than a few enquiries on whether Sked will support auto publishing, and when it will arrive.

We’ll have to wait for API access from Meta to be able to autopost but you can currently set up Threads as a notification channel to schedule your posts and publish them through push notification reminders, allowing you to plan your Threads updates right alongside your existing content and with approvals workflows

With Threads only available for a day as the time of writing, we'll update this article as support for Threads is expanded over time.

Update 11th July
We've updated our notification channels to include a Threads format, making it seamless to plan and schedule Threads right alongside your existing content, and be included in approvals workflows.

Read more on how to add threads as a notification channel

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