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Instagram comments and Tagged in Media, now live in your Sked Inbox
Instagram comments and Tagged in Media, now live in your Sked Inbox

Manage your community engagement, reply to Instagram comments and save posts your are tagged in to your library.

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Your Sked Inbox just got a big upgrade

Comments on your Instagram posts are now live in your Sked Inbox. Reply to comments in threads, work seamlessly with your team with assignments, and engage with your community where ever they are.

Whether you're an agency looking after engagement on behalf of your clients, or managing DM's and comments for your own channels, save time and operate with turbocharged efficiency with all your platforms and engagement in one place.

Alongside comments, media you are tagged in will also appear as a conversation with the options to share to your own feeds, or save to the library with the original creator details and caption to share later. It's your User Generated Content superpower.

Save Tagged in Media direct to your library.

Managing your User Generated Content pipeline can be tricky at best, and is one of major headaches for social media managers at worst. From saving screenshots and saving captions in the notes app (annoying) to forgetting to credit the original creator when sharing (nightmare!), it's never been the easiest of processes to manage.

The latest Inbox update brings posts you are tagged in directly to your Inbox as a new conversation; You can save the media directly to your library to share later or create a post straight away to your followers. We'll save the the original caption and creator name alongside the image with a handy 📸 emoji, so you'll never forget the source again.

Not only limited to images, the new update will allow you to save and share video and Reels that you have been tagged in. Short form video content is one of the best ways to be in front of potential fans/followers for the first time, and being able to share UGC back as a native Reel without complex saving or recording will surely be a lifesaver for brands, agencies and creators alike.

Note: All plans can save Tagged in media, Fundamentals customers have some limits on media quantities available in the Library

Getting Started

If you're an existing Sked user prior to August 11th 2023, you'll need to reconnect your Inbox from the social accounts page for one of your Instagram pages to Sked to connect with the updated permissions. If you've signed up after 9th August, you'll have comments and tagged in live already.

Head to Social Accounts and select any Instagram account, and Reconnect Inbox/Insights.

The Facebook pop will launch in a new window, where you can select "Continue As [Your User Name] - You will be prompted to login if you aren't logged in to Facebook/Meta .

Following the Continue steps will grant Sked to required permissions to add comments to your inbox, and we'll backfill a small number of conversations for you to familiarise yourself with how they appear in your Inbox.

There's more to love in Sked Inbox

We want Inbox to be your one stop for managing engagement and responding to DM's across all your social platforms. With support LinkedIn company mentions to engage with your professional network, and Google Business Profile review replies powered by Captivate to make managing your location reviews for even the busiest hotspots a breeze, Sked Inbox is your engagement BFF.

There's more to come for your Inbox in the coming months, with more platforms planned and new features for existing platforms. If there's something you'd love to see in Inbox, reach out to the support team on the live chat. We'd love to hear from you

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