Elevate your reports: Explore Insights with Custom comparison periods

Refine your analysis for your reports by handpicking custom comparison time windows for your metrics.

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If you're responsible for crafting reports for your brands, you're in for a treat. Our new comparison period update will allow you to use a specific date picker that is poised to revolutionize the way you analyze data, create your reports and generate insights.

Tailored analysis, elevated insights

Sked's updated comparison period will let you handpick custom look-back time windows for comparison metrics, injecting a new level of flexibility into your data analysis process. Say goodbye to the limitations of mere period-to-period comparisons – with this feature, you can now compare the current period not only against the the last period, but also against the previous quarter or even year, allowing for more meaningful comparison metrics, and richer insights.

Using comparison periods in your reports

Analyzing comparison periods in your data can help you get better insight into the underlying trends of your business. With a few simple steps, you can set up your date range to start using comparison periods and dig deeper into current vs past analytics for any social media channel that you're managing.

To use comparison periods, you have to go to Insights > Select the account > Click on the date picker > Toggle on ”Choose comparison period". Now you will be able to select the specific period that you want to analyze:

  • Custom: Select any date on the calendar to apply a custom comparison period.

  • Previous month: The same time window in the previous month.

  • Last Year: The same time window from the previous year.

This will allow you to compare the current period with any past period, giving you a better understanding of your insights.

Multiple sharing options for enhanced Insights

With your comparison period now set up, you have the ability to view the data within your Sked account. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred download method to easily distribute the information among your team, customers, or stakeholders.
The comparison period selected will be shown in the metrics card in Sked Insights, and will flow through any PDF reports generated as well.

Custom Comparison Periods is included on our Professional and Enterprise plans.

If you need any assistance or have questions, please feel free to reach out to us through the live chat. For more information about insights, you can check out these articles: Insights: Analytics for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business, Comparing Sked Insights and Instagram app insights.

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