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Resetting Instagram two-factor authentication
Resetting Instagram two-factor authentication

How to temporarily disable Instagram two factor authentication on the Instagram app.

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This guide will help you temporarily reset Instagram's two factor authentication, so that it can be set up to work with Sked using the authentication app method.

Step 1: From your Instagram profile, click the three lines in the top right corner. Then click Settings and privacy > Accounts Center.

Step 2: Next click Passwords and security > Two-factor authentication > and select the desired Instagram account from the list.

Step 3: Look under where it says How you get login codes and click the Text message (SMS) option (or Authentication app).

Step 4: Click the toggle option on the right side to turn two-factor authentication off

Step 5: Click Turn off to finalize.

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Ready to enable two-factor authentication so that it works with Sked? See our guide here Setting up app-based two-factor authentication for Instagram for teams sharing an Instagram account

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