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Welcome to Sked Home
Welcome to Sked Home

Your Sked dashboard has had a makeover

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Your Sked home page has had a refresh! With new features now available on your dashboard - inbox, approvals and a brand new look for insights - we wanted to give you a birds eye view of your upcoming content, approvals, insights and interactions in one place.

Note - Sked Home requires your social accounts be assigned to a group. You can add accounts to a group, or create new groups here. If you haven't got any grouped accounts, you'll see a splash page with details on creating your first group.

What's new?

When you load into Sked, you’ll now land on Sked Home, giving you an overview on all of your upcoming posts, a summary of posts in the approvals process, recent post performance for the group and some engagement highlights from inbox.

Home is here to make it easier for you to see items that need your attention, summarize any approvals that might need a nudge, and bring visibility to all your top priorities to keep your profiles fresh, engagement high, and inbox zero’d.

Group selection

Shift between your account groups using the dropdown, and focus on what you need, when you need it.

Adding single accounts to a group will also unlock Sked Home, so don’t worry if you only have one account in a group.

Upcoming posts

Having upcoming content is the lifeblood of any social media manager. Easily see the number of posts scheduled into the future, keeping your socials active is key to growth so you'll get a preview of posts scheduled and drafted to publish when you're ready.

Approvals statuses at a glance

See the status of your posts moving through the review process, with posts that require edits or pending approval (and might need a little nudge) front and centre.

Your latest insights

See week-on-week trends of your most important metrics, from recent post metrics to new fans and follower changes.

Recent engagements

True multi-platform inbox summaries. Direct messages, post comments, tags, latest user generated content and reviews. All your interactions and engagement in one place.


The latest in social media news, curated by us, for social media managers.

Expect to see industry trends, social media platform updates, Sked news, case studies and more, designed to keep you abreast of what’s new in the everchanging social media landscape.

Have something you’d like to see on Home? We’ll be adding more to the dashboard over the coming months. Drop us a message on the live chat if you have ideas or feedback 👉

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