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What is an 'account' in Sked's pricing limits?
What is an 'account' in Sked's pricing limits?

Understand what 'accounts' means when you're finding the right plan for your needs.

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At Sked, you start by picking the plan based on your needs – for example, if you need our approvals feature, you'll need at least the Professional plan.

From there, the number of accounts you manage will determine your price.

Unlike others, one account is simply one profile. One Instagram Business Account, one Facebook Page, one Pinterest account – they're each one "account".

So for example, an agency customer wanting to manage 5 different brands with a total of:

  • 6 Instagram accounts

  • 2 Facebook Pages

  • 2 LinkedIn Pages

  • 1 YouTube account

Would have a total of 11 accounts (6+2+2+1).

The number of clients or brands doesn't matter – they can group the accounts they've added by client or brand in Sked (there's no cost to group however you like!).

Similarly, if their client wants to add one more Instagram account, they just add one account to their plan – they don't need some kind of complex addition of a whole "brand set" of different social accounts just for that one small change.

As a reminder, Sked doesn't charge by user or seat – you just pick the right plan, then get the right number of accounts or profiles you need to manage.

To see more about why we don't have an "unlimited accounts" option, check out this article.

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