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Instagram Reels Cover selection, now live.
Instagram Reels Cover selection, now live.

Add a customised thumbnail image to your Reels, with auto-publishing

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We know how hard it is for social media managers to disconnect; when so much of your workday and life is spent in the apps, anything you can do to avoid picking that phone to publish manually is a lifesaver - especially after hours

Reels cover tile selection with auto publishing is now live on Sked

You can add your own image to an Instagram Reel inside the create post window, and when your Reel is published, the custom cover tile will be included in the post, keeping that grid sharp, enticing, and best of all, no need to pick up your phone.

The custom covers will also be used in the post preview in the calendar, planner and in the approvals links for your reviewers, so they'll always see it exactly how you imagined and designed.

Technical Specs

Reels covers should be 1920h x 1080w for the full view size when browsing the Reels tab on the Instagram App, but will be displayed at a reduced square size when shown in the full grid within an Instagram profile page.

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