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Personal LinkedIn Mentions Available in Sked!
Personal LinkedIn Mentions Available in Sked!

How to tag personal LinkedIn accounts from your company pages in Sked

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Sked now allows companies to mention personal LinkedIn profiles within posts, enabling seamless auto-publishing without needing any edits after publication.

No more post publishing edits.

Before this update, you’d have to manually edit posts to add personal tags a post was published live, which defeated the purpose of automation. Now, you can include personal mentions from the start, saving time and streamlining your workflow. Plus, they’ll flow through to approvals for any reviewers to keep them on the same page.

How to mentioned (tag) a user

Using the @ symbol, start typing their LinkedIn handle name until the correct profile appears in the suggestions list. Note; it will only return people who follow your page, and the profile avatar/photo cannot always be displayed due to privacy preferences.
LinkedIn search results can take a second to update during the search, so give it a second before selecting the profile.

Why use personal mentions?

Imagine you’re promoting a conference and want to tag the keynote speaker or members of your leadership team in your post. With Sked’s LinkedIn personal mentions, you can do this seamlessly, ensuring your post is complete and professional right from the moment it goes live.

LinkedIn shares mentions prominently through the news feed algorithm, and should give you a boost in reach and exposure, especially when the person mentioned has a significant follower base.

Pro Tip for Using LinkedIn Personal Mentions

Utilize Template Manager: This allows you to save groups of people you frequently mention. This way, you can easily tag multiple individuals without retyping their names each time. Click here to see how to use the Template Manager.


  • You can only tag followers of your company page.

  • In the post preview, the mentioned individuals appear in blue/bold text but cannot be clicked to verify due to LinkedIn's limitations.

  • This feature is exclusively available for company pages, not personal profiles.


Create more engaging and comprehensive posts with Sked's personal LinkedIn profiles mentions; eliminating time-consuming edits, streamline your workflow and highlight key individuals efficiently.Enhance your LinkedIn presence and ensure your posts are optimized from the moment they go live.

Happy scheduling!

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