Getting your Sked account key for Sked Link

Discover where to generate and find the account key for Sked Link Pro integration inside your Sked Social account

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Sked Link helps you have an advanced link in bio with buttons and a feed preview. While Sked Link is a standalone service, it's deeply integrated with Sked Social for our customers. A bit more info on getting started with Sked Link is in our introduction post.

To get a grid preview, you will need your Sked account key. This is a key that lets Sked Link communicate with Sked Social to show your recent Instagram posts so that users can click them to get more information.

Your Sked account key is unique to each Instagram account you have in Sked Social. To get the key, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to Sked Social and go to the 'manage accounts' page.

2. Scroll to find the Instagram account you are getting the key for

3. Click 'Account settings' under 'account actions'

4. Enable the profile URL feature at the top of the window. This enables both the Sked Link integration or the click2 redirection service (more on the click2 feature here).


5. Set your default URL.

This is what we will use if you don't enter a URL when you are scheduling a particular post. Most customers use their home page.

5. Copy the Sked Link public integration key into Sked Link. Finally, don't forget to click 'save' on the account settings at the bottom of the window!

You may need to click the 'generate key' button to generate the key. It's a string of letters and numbers.