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Time-saving approvals without the friction
Time-saving approvals without the friction

YES to a friction-free reviews and approvals process that saves you and your reviewers time and stress

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Whether you work with internal reviewers like a product or brand manager, or an external reviewer like a client, our Approvals workflow will save you lots of time and effort in getting content reviewed and approved by your reviewers.

The Approvals feature gives your reviewers real-time access to upcoming content through a unique URL. And allows them take action to review, feedback or approve at their convenience.

Our Approvals feature comes with:

  • Calendar view - your reviewers will love that they can view all upcoming posts in a monthly calendar format. Each post is marked with a status icon so your reviewers can tell, at a glance, which are scheduled to post and which require their action.

    As for non-reviewer stakeholders who need to be kept in the loop, set them up for access to a view-only calendar so they'll be able to see what's coming up for the month at their convenience.

  • Instagram grid preview - your reviewers can also see the Instagram grid, giving more context to each post and how they fit together. Your vision coming to life.

  • Comments display - you can choose to display comment threads alongside your content. This allows reviewers to see your notes and/or comments made by other team members if you have multiple approvers. Simply toggle ON to have your internal collaboration comments and status changes made visible to your reviewers.

  • Complete view of upcoming posts - approved content will now always show alongside those up for approval so your reviewers get one view of everything that’s upcoming on their account. No more back and forth about 'I know I approved that campaign for November, but what posts were going out again?'

Things to be mindful of

Keep your upcoming posts list free of clutter

Your reviewers can see everything that’s upcoming. That includes posts that they have requested changes on. To keep things nice and tidy, remove those posts or change their status so that they are kept off the upcoming posts list.

Check your internal comments before turning the display on for reviewers

You may also want to keep an eye on your internal collaboration comments before you decide to turn on the display for your reviewers. While it’s awesome that your stakeholders get to appreciate the work that you and your team have put into managing their social media accounts, some internal conversations are just meant to be … well, internal!

Use differentiated statuses for internal vs external rejections

Likewise, internal post rejections should be kept away from your external reviewers. Use different post statuses to keep your internal and external rejections separate so your reviewers only see what’s relevant to them.

Finding old posts, or posts made directly on a platform/app

The External Review calendar is designed to give you a preview of what's upcoming in Sked, and not a tool to look back at what was posted. Head to Sked Insights if you want to view your posts and performance for all your published content.

Need help with how to use?

We created this handy user guide PDF that you can easily share with your reviewers. It lets them know what's changed, and more importantly, how they can make use of the tools to save time on approvals.

More about our Teamwork and Approvals feature here.

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