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Limitations of the 'Fundamentals' plan
Limitations of the 'Fundamentals' plan

In order to offer a plan at an accessible price, we have some limits on the 'Fundamentals' plan.

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Our Essentials, Professional and Enterprise plans have no limits on:

  • The number of extra accounts you can add (at a cost)

  • The number of free users you can add

  • The insights history you can access

However, in order for us to provide a plan that is accessibly priced for small businesses or people just getting started with Sked, we have a Fundamentals plan that includes some limits.

For simplicity, you'll see our website still refer to Sked offering unlimited features. This is because most of our customers find the best value with the Essentials, Professional or Enterprise plan.

The current limits on the Fundamentals plan are:

  • You can only have one user

  • You can only have one total social media account (of any type)

  • You can only see your insights history for the last 30 days

  • Some restrictions apply to how your Library functions for accessing and using user-generated content

Other limitations are the same as included on the Essentials plan (for example, the Fundamentals plan does not include campaign planning or content pillars or post statuses).

You can of course change plan at any time – subject to the limits of each plan – during your billing period and Sked will pro-rate the difference in cost (up or down) if you are on a paid plan.

If you are still in a trial, you can trial any plan that you wish to see Sked's functionality.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.

Please note that per our Terms of Service, these limitations are subject to change at any time.

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