Getting started

From the dashboard on the Sked Social app, you want to select Upload Posts from the menu on the left hand side.

Select accounts

You will now see the Upload Posts screen. Select the account you'd like to post from in the Select Account(s) section.

For now, we will focus on posting via a single social media channel. Tick the checkbox next to the account you want to post from.

You will see that below the Upload Media section has become active. This section will appear as greyed out before you select an account to post from.

Select post type and upload your content

Once you've done that, you can choose the post type and upload the content you want posted:

Upload your content by clicking on Browse or choosing another source for getting your content:

Now, you can upload your content.

There are lots of options for what this could be. This includes Single Image Post, Multiple Images/Carousel Post, Story, Video and Text/Status.

Underneath each different post type there is a corresponding social network logo. This shows where you are able to post the different types of content. For example, you can only post Text/Status via Facebook.

The Upload Media dashboard has options for where you are uploading your content from. This includes uploading direct from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram URL and Create using Canva.

On the right hand side, you will see Media Guidelines. This section will tell you the resolution your content needs to be. It will also tell you the recommended resolution and recommend aspect ratio. This will help you make sure your uploaded content looks its best.

Once you have chosen the content, you will see a blue Continue button above your selected files. Click the Continue button.

Enter post details

On this next screen, you can enter your caption and add any hashtags or emoji.

Edit your image

You can use our Image Editor to make any last edits to your content. crop it, polish it or add filters.

Schedule your post

Make sure to click on Save. After you've done so, you can choose a Time & Date for your post, add it to your Queue or choose to Send it to your drafts.

Click Submit & Create posts

Once you've added your caption, selected the Time & Date for the post or added it to your Queue, go ahead and click on Submit & Create posts in the upper right corner.

You'll see a success message in the upper-right corner, your post is now ready to go!

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