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Adding a Personal Instagram account to Sked Social
Adding a Personal Instagram account to Sked Social

Find out about our support for Personal Instagram accounts

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How do I connect a personal Instagram account?

If you want to automatically publish content, which we’d recommend, you’ll need to convert your Instagram to a business account. This is required by Facebook to make use of automated publishing and is why no tools allow automatic publishing to personal accounts.

If you prefer to keep your Instagram set as a personal account, you’ll add it as a notification channel on the accounts page and receive your posts via a push notification reminder to your phone. From there you’ll wrap up the post on your device and post directly on your account.

Notification channels allow you to schedule posts to any platform you’d like. Make sure to download our mobile app (in the iOS and Google Play stores) and enable push notifications so we can send you your planned posts.

How do I convert to a Professional (Business) Instagram account?

Here’s how you convert a personal account to an Instagram Business Account. If you need assistance, please contact our team - we are happy to help you get it set up!

Note that Instagram Professional accounts of the ‘Creator’ type are not supported by Sked Social - we only provide publishing to Business accounts at this time, as this is Facebook’s restriction.

But I don’t use Facebook - why do I have to use Facebook or make a Facebook Page?

Instagram is owned by Facebook/Meta, and Facebook requires that there is a Page connection be made to make use of tons of functionality. That includes everything from automatic publishing of content (through Sked!) to insights so that you can see what content is performing and more.

Unfortunately the process of converting to an Instagram Business Account and associating it with a Facebook Page is one of their limits on everyone who uses Instagram and Facebook. All those Instagram only brands you see? They all have a Facebook page.

It’s important to note that you are not obliged to use the Facebook Page at all -- it just needs to exist. You can set it to be “unpublished” if you are not planning to use it to communicate with your customers. Of course, if you’d like to also use your Facebook Page to communicate with customers, you can add that to Sked Social as well.

It’s always a good idea to secure the Facebook page to prevent any unscrupulous party from ‘squatting’ on your page.

I have multiple Instagram accounts but only one Facebook Page. How do I connect multiple Instagram accounts to my Page?

There can only be one Instagram account for each Facebook Page, so you’ll need to create a Facebook Page for each Instagram account. You don’t have to use all the Facebook Pages, they just have to exist and be associated with your Instagram account.

Why should I convert to a Business Account?

Moving to a Business Account has distinct advantages. Aside from being able to schedule and automatically publish your content like a pro with Sked Social, you’ll be unlocking Instagram and Facebook tools like analytics, advanced security and administration controls through Facebook Business Manager, branded content and promotions, and advertising with the Ad Manager to name a few.

Safe to say if your Instagram account is representing a business, running it as a Business Account is the best way to do it.

Does changing to a Business account reduce my reach, impressions or followers?

No, there’s no evidence to support any differences in reach and engagement between personal and business accounts.

Representatives from Instagram confirmed in an interview with Techcrunch in 2018 that “Instagram doesn’t give extra feed presence to personal accounts or business accounts”. While rumours are rumours, Instagram has repeatedly advised businesses to move over – and not for any kind of reach-reducing conspiracy.

Having engaging, unique and interesting content, posted when your fans are online is the way to ensure your posts get seen, no matter if you’re a Business, Creator or Personal account.

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