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Facebook and Instagram Ad reporting is now live on Sked

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Our Paid Ads Reporting feature allows you to effortlessly connect your Meta Ad account and view ad metrics alongside your organic social media performance, enabling you to run periodic reports and offering comprehensive campaign analytics directly within Sked Social.

Reports designed for management and stakeholders - High level, results focussed reports, skipping the marketing jargon and micro-details to communicate the most important information - What did we spend? What were the results?

Advantages of Paid Reporting with Sked

  • Access both organic and paid ad metrics within Sked, eliminating the need to switch between Meta Ads Manager and Meta Business Suite, or use multiple third party tools.

  • Generate well-designed summary reports for stakeholders, focusing on Campaign and Adset levels.

  • Consolidate your reporting tools and reduce the need for multiple subscriptions, especially beneficial for users with straightforward reporting needs.

Getting Started With Paid Ads Reporting

Connect Your Meta Ad Account:

  • Navigate to the Optimize section on the bottom left-hand menu and select Paid Social.

  • Follow the prompts to connect your Meta Ad account. Ensure you grant ads_read permissions during the connection process.

Generate Reports

  • You can generate reports that paid ad metrics. (Note, boosted posts will appear in the ad list, but will not have data associated. This is a Meta limitation)

  • Select the desired reporting period and the specific campaigns or ad sets you want to include in your report.

  • Click “Overview” on the right-hand side of the report, then “Download PDF” at the top to download.

    Note: If you don't yet have a Meta Ads account set up you will see a "Setup Meta Paid Ads Account" button that will open the Meta authorization window to provide Sked access to read your ad data.


Campaign Metrics



The specific outcomes achieved by your campaign. You can define the results or outcome for a campaign that is seperate from the campaigns goal.

CPR (Cost per Result)

The cost for each result achieved by the campaign.


The number of unique users who saw your ads.


The total number of times your ads were displayed.


The total amount spent on the campaign.

CPM (Cost per Impression)

The cost for every thousand impressions in the campaign.


The total number of interactions (likes, comments, shares) on your campaign ads.

CPE (Cost per Engagement)

The cost for each engagement in the campaign.


The total number of clicks on your campaign ads.

CPC (Cost per Click)

The cost for each click in the campaign.

Which Plans Include Paid Ads?

  • Paid Ads Reporting is included for Enterprise plan users, found under the Optimize section in the left-hand menu under Paid Social.

  • Essentials and Professional plan users can upgrade to access Paid Ads or contact our support team for assistance.


You can seamlessly integrate and manage your paid advertising campaigns alongside organic content in one centralized location across various social media platforms, saving you time and ensuring a cohesive strategy.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Sked’s Paid Ads support provides you with the tools you need to optimize your advertising efforts, and achieve your marketing goals.

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