Have two factor authentication set up? You may be getting this verification error if it's not set up correctly via an authentication app. View detailed instructions here.

This error occurs when Instagram detects a login from a different location and often occurs when first adding an account to Sked Social as you are (in reality) logging into Instagram from Melbourne, Australia. The screenshot we get looks like this:

As you can see in the image above, it needs you to verify that you're legitimate before we can sign in. You will need to login to Instagram on your phone or tablet (sometimes the error won't appear on the web), and see if it gives you a verification screen like above.

If you request to verify via email, the emails from Instagram can sometimes take 5-10 minutes to come through, and can appear in your spam box sometimes. The phone option will only appear if you have a mobile phone number attached to the account, which we recommend as Instagram can give us other errors as a result.

To fix this issue:

Resolve the login issue (using the emailed or SMSed login code), and click "It was me" when you get a screen like this:

Login to Sked, go to the accounts page and click the "reconnect account" button. 

We will check the account in a few minutes – you will receive an email saying it's good to go, and the status will update on the 'manage accounts' page (note: you'll have to refresh the page!). Expect this to take no longer than 15 minutes.

Until we have successfully logged into your account, we won't try and post any images or video you upload. This is because we know the login doesn't work, so we don't waste time and delay other posts until we know it is okay. If you have 2 factor authentication on your account, you'll follow the steps outlined here.

If you have any problems, just reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist.

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